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Site was launched in October 2007 and provides useful information on building, living and construction. The main focus is on online library with technical articles, videos and publications for download. In addition to the library, portal contains catalog of construction companies, schools, exhibitions and the labor market. As the only construction portal, we operate both globally and regionally, while covering the construction industry with all its needs.


2005idea, the establishment of 4-INDUSTRY, s.r.o and development of portal
2007launch of site, first companies in the catalog, cooperation with publishers and personnel agencies
2008filling library with technical articles and publications for download
2009first advertisers, extension of partners, redesign and site development, search engine optimization


Number of visits of 4-construction is growing steadily from the beginning. In August 2009, we exceeded 20,000 visits per month.

Search engine optimization, with which we have started this year, is still in process. In 2010, we assume to reach more than 100,000 visits per month.

We bring information

There is more then 1000 technical articles, publicatios for download and videos in our library. Thanks to our partners, everyday new articles and valuable information are posted in 71 categories:


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