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Power words

Accomplished Decreased Inspired Recruited
Achieved Defined Installed Redesigned
Acquired Delivered Instigated Reduced
Adapted Demonstrated Instituted Referred
Addressed Designed Instructed Registered
Administered Determined Insured Reorganized
Advised Developed Interpreted Reported
Analysed Devised Interviewed Represented
Anticipated Diagnosed Introduced Researched
Approved Directed Invented Reserved
Arranged Discovered Launched Resolved
Assembled Discussed Lead Responded
Assessed Distributed Lectured Reviewed
Assisted Documented Liaised Revised
Attained Doubled Logged Scheduled
Audited Drafted Machined Screened
Budgeted Drove Maintained Selected
Built Earned Managed Separated
Calculated Edited Marketed Served
Captured Eliminated Minimized Set up
Categorised Encouraged Modernized Simplified
Centralised Enforced Monitored Sold
Changed Engineered Motivated Solved
Charted Ensured Negated Specified
Checked Established Negotiated Staffed
Collaborated Evaluated Networked Standardised
Collected Examined Observed Started
Combined Expanded Obtained Streamlined
Compiled Facilitated Ordered Structured
Completed Filed Organised Studied
Composed Forecasted Originated Supervised
Conceived Formed Oversaw Supplied
Condensed Formulated Performed Supported
Conducted Founded Planned Surveyed
Consolidated Generated Prepared Taught
Constructed Generated Prepared Taught
Consulted Guided Prescribed Tested
Contracted Hired Presented Trained
Controlled Identified Prevented Translated
Converted Implemented Processed Uncovered
Coordinated Improved Produced Updated
Corrected Improvised Promoted Utilised
Corresponded Incorporated Provided Verified
Counselled Increased Publicized Widened
Created Informed Published Won
Cut Initiated Recorded Wrote

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