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Wine Bar, Prague 1


We originally did not plan on the old courtyard factory being part of the space of the site for our new company Design by Donlic. The rooms on the ground floor of the building with a volume of approximately 300 square metres were sufficient. Our activity, however, gradually developed along with our interests and possibilities. We additionally discovered that the Old Town suited us and was particularly appropriate. A certain amount of time had to pass, however, before we obtained the courage as well as a certain stability for a look ‚around us‘. We began to be interested in the devastated, unused and abandoned factory on the courtyard. Our ideas for its use were relatively wide. We wanted to create a strong space with character, functionally connected with our present facility. We understood that the volume and mass of the structure would have to have a clear expression after the renovation and at the same time the freedom of an universal content for meetings of people, exhibitions, lectures, performances or for expansion of the studio. The choice of a wine bar came about over the course of renovation with the origin of the actual idea having its own independent story.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT­­

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