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Vitra House, Weil am Rhein, Germany

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The Vitra Haus concept weds two themes, which are appearing repeatedly in Herzog's and de Meuron's works: theme of archetypal house and theme of stack volumes. The primary aim of this 5-storeyed building is to present furniture and interior accessories. That's the reason why this project was particularly suitable for return to the ur-house idea. Showrooms resemble residential environment thanks to their dimensions and interior - architects describes this feature as the „household scale". Individual „houses" are drawn up as abstract elements. The gables are glazed with some exceptions. Twelve houses stacked to five floors towers at some places to the height of 15 meters and their floor slabs intersect gables below. They create the 3dimensional ensemble. The carbon colour of the putty coat unifies, grounds the building and connects it with neighbouring landscape. The open atrium with a boarded floor is bordered by five buildings: Conference and exhibition areas and an ensemble comprise a foyer, reception, cloak room and café with a summer outside terrace.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT

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