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Václav Havel Library, Prague 1


Apart from historically valuable building and craft details, the building is especially remarkable by its stylistic diversity, which is typical for Prague's architecture. When designing an adaptation of a building to its new use as a cultural and educational institution - the Václav Havel Library - as well as restoration of a residence in the south part of the building, the detailed building and historical research describing all the details of the building was conducted. Expression means of contemporary elements are different from historical practice and the design separates deliberately all new parts from the original structures not only for artistic reasons mentioned above - each construction phase should be perceived in context while maintaining their integrity, but also for purely practical reasons - dilation between new and older parts enables the implementation of new distribution systems, which will remain intact in case of possible dismantling of the designed modifications . The layout can be described in the following way: the south wing towards the street Úvoz will be used as a residence, other parts of the building including the inner courtyard will be adapted for operation of the Václav Havel Library. It shall include the public and private parts, exhibitions, gallery, lecture rooms, cafeteria, shop and free choice of books as well as study rooms, offices, archives and apartments for visiting lecturers. The arrangement of the court, which will be turned into a glass atrium, is a separate phenomenon.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT

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