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University Library and Pastoral Centre Ukf Nitra


The main idea of the investment plan was the conversion of the original storage and technical objects into new functional use for the needs of UKF, i.e., into the University Library and Pastoral Centre. By the reconstruction of the premises of fermentation chambers with new addition of the floor and reconstruction of storage areas with inserted steel structure of the new ceiling the two-floor space was created of the University Library of UKF – the 1st stage. By the reconstruction of the boiler room and new addition in that part the space of Pastoral Centre and administrative premises of the library originated. Inserted to the original object of the boiler room was the steel structure of two ceilings by which 3 floors were created for its new use. The entrance hall and chapel of the pastoral centre were designed over two floors, the administration of the library and the other auxiliary premises are located beneath those floors.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT­­

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