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Toyota Is On The Way To Expand Prefab Homes


Since 1975, Toyota has been building steel-frame houses designed to withstand earthquakes and typhoons and keep out burglars. The company adapts automobile manufacturing technology to build stylish, earthquake-resistant homes for sale within Japan. According to the Wall Street Journal, from its start on the factory floor to its final completion on site, a Toyota home can be built in 45 days, less than half the time it takes for contractors to build a typical wooden-frame home. ‘Like its cars, Toyota’s lineup of homes is wide-ranging, with more than a dozen designs. There is the popular Smart Stage, a conservative, 1,000-square-foot, two-story home priced at about $200,000. Then there is the sleek, custom-built 2,600-square-foot Espacio Square for the Lexus set that sells for more than $800,000.’

Toyota engineers are also experimenting with using solar panels as house siding and powering homes with fuel cells, which combine hydrogen and air to produce electricity.

The company sold 5000 homes in 2006 and 4600 homes in 2007.

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