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Town library


The main aim is to preserve and improve the premises which had been decaying for a long time and the condition had been critical before their revitalisation. The planned reconstruction the castle involved the revitalisation and new use of the castle in accordance with the needs of the town and the region - the building of the town library meant that a new role had been found for the historical castle. The castle premises are re-incorporated into the town. The premises are connected with the main pedestrian zone from the Soběslav housing estates to the square in the centre of the town. Improvements of the preserved structures in light of the historic preservation and its preservation for future generations without any considerable intervention in the listed structures, maximum utilisation of the existing structures for the new construction. The historical structures and the walls of the castle are permanently exhibited as an artefact thanks to the all-glass walls and the ceiling of the library container - a permanent exhibition of the development and transformation of the castle.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT

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