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Town House, Brno


Milady Horákové street was designed as a prestigious city boulevard. This structure consists of a town house with a sample roomshop, administration area, two maisonette fl ats and an underground garage. The building has a ground plan with dimensions of 13.4 x 18.0 metres with the car park on the courtyard with dimensions of 13.4 x 15.5 metres. The enclosed volume is 5 957 m3 The underground fl oors contain garages with twelve spaces with an additional nine spaces on the courtyard behind the building. Access to the parking places on the courtyard is through a passageway, a car lift for parking on the ‘ground fl oor’ level. The passageway is situated on the fi rst fl oor with access to the corridors of the buildings with a staircase and the lift, as well as a shop which could have two fl oors. Connecting up with the second fl oor with a steel inner staircase has been prepared. Variable spaces for hire, either offi ces or fl ats, are located on the third, fourth and fi fth fl oors. The loose layout around the staircase towers and installation lifts in each of the gable walls make possible space for either one or two renters on each fl oor. The sixth and seventh fl oors contain two maisonette fl ats with balconies and loggias. One of them has dimensions of 128 m2 and terraces consisting of 42 m2 while the second is 162 m2 with terraces consisting of 42 m2. The building is situated in a vacant space serving to solidify the block of homes and becoming an integral part of the street.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT­­

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