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Tietgenkollegiet in Copenhagen by Lundgaard & Tranberg


Tietgenkollegiet by Lundgaard & Tranberg has won the 2007 RIBA European Award.

‘This student housing project, arranged as a circular ‘doughnut’, is the result of an unusual collaborative competition where competing designers were encouraged to discuss and share ideas. The programme that emerged focused on how the accommodation could help encourage the personal and social development of the students. The courtyard, around which all common areas are located, reinforces the idea of community. It also enables the often monotonous student corridor to become not only spatially interesting but unending, linking all student ‘houses’ on each floor. And yet for all the simplicity of the plan, this is a remarkably subtle building whose architecture lives up to the initial ambition of the project.’

Published with permission of ArchiCentral.

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