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The Závodný Gallery


Evaluation of the Jury

The Závodný Gallery encloses the development of the picturesque square at the crossing of Husova and Brněnská Streets, where the former Jewish quarter called Mikulov used to be. The unique prospects and genius loci of the place were the essence of the establishment of a private fine arts gallery. The sensitive siting of the building, refined appearance, perfectly mastered details, materiality, simplicity, purposefulness, poetics of the space and cultural significance... The admirable achievement of the private developer to create a dignified and inspiring space for architecture and arts. The gallery exterior is formed by nature stone turning smoothly into the interior. The natural beauty and color of the limestone with a diverse structure of fossils, together with the minimalist expression and form compactness, looks stoic and calm and allows the refined presentation of arts and cultural representation to come forth.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT­­

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