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‘The weeHouse Standards’ Are Now Available With Add-On Energy Kits


‘Alchemy Architects  has been creating stimulating, engaging and efficient designs for a wide audience since 1992. Their weeHouse, first produced in 2002, continues to be a design leader in contemporary modular prefab with sixteen built and four more weeHouses scheduled for Fall 2008 installation. The weeHouse ’standards’, announced in early 2008, are designed with lighting and appliance features that are highly energy efficient, and are now available with add-on Energy Kits for an even greener ‘wee’. A typical American home uses about 700kWh per month of power. The Energy Kit alternative on the efficiently designed weeHouse demands less than 260kWh per month of power.

Created by The Fusion Companies of Baltimore, MD, each Energy Kit is scaled, by square footage, to produce enough power for everyday necessities standard in a weeHouse including lighting, refrigeration, hot water, microwave, induction stovetop- as well as televisions, stereos and computers on an intermittent basis. ‘A weeBit of Fusion Guidebookoffers detailed recommendations as a comprehensive homeowner guide to energy conservation techniques and successful home management of alternative energy systems. In many areas, local incentives and rebates will apply, potentially covering up to 75% of the total cost of the Kit (local installation and permit fees are additional charges). Adding Fusion’s 720W AC Energy Kit to a weeHouse STUDIO or SMALL for $16,999 keeps the total weeHouse STUDIO price to under $100,000. (See Web site for regional pricing.) Typically, the Fusion 720 produces 21.5 kwh/week of power output. This is based on a five-hour daily charging window (results may vary depending on solar insulation levels, weather patterns, shading, collector tilt, among other factors). Other Kits for the larger weeHouses include the Fusion 1440W AC Kit for $23,499 (up to 1100 SF), and the Fusion 1800W AC Kit for $27,999 (up to 1500 SF).

Each Fusion Energy Kit includes (the appropriate): high-efficiency solar panels, charge controller, battery backup bank, professional roof flush mounting hardware (tilt-mounting hardware and top-of-pole mounting hardware kits are also available if needed), battery interconnects, combiner and breakers and inverters. A local, qualified electrician installs them on-site but a Fusion representative is also present to ‘sign-off’ on the final product. Kits come with manufacturers’ warranties on product along with a one-year warranty on installation.

If a weeHouse-Fusion client wants to go completely off-grid, the Whisper 500 small wind turbine is available starting at $9,999 + local installation. This two bladed fiberglass blade incorporates the patented side furling design that optimizes output at any wind speed. A Whisper 500 keeps batteries charged and ‘lights-on’ at all times. Assuming a 12 mph wind, a Whisper 500 will produce as much as 500 kWh/ per month- enough to power the average California home- and it maintains an exclusive 5-yr. warranty.’

Published with permission of ArchiCentral.

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