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The Academic lecture room of Faculty of Civil Engineering ČVUT, Prague


In the context of the Czech education, it is a non-standard solution of an open training room mainly destined for architecture and town planning studies. Objects of the present Faculty of civil engineering and Faculty of Design in Prague were built up between sixties and seventies years of the last century. There were created atriums in the end section of the long and low D object, connected by interconnecting necks with the central C object. These atriums served as service yards enabling access to text halls, working rooms, laboratories, material stores and parking places. The Department of architecture in the Civil engineering faculty was established in nineties years. But it had no spaces that could had been utilize for several aims – to teaching, training and presenting new projects and ideas. So the Department logically decided to use one of service yards that no more fully fulfilled its functions to build in a large multifunctional lecture room. The main idea of the whole project was to create a factory producing new ideas.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT­­

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