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Tenement house with a gym

apartment house


The new building's mass conforms to the regulatory logics introduced in relation to development projects in the 1930s and 40. While completing the unfinished front street line to Soukenická street the new building tries to accentuate its corner position by jutting the bay windows out. The building is made lower towards the school losing two floors in order to reach below the school building's main cornice level.

The building has three independent entrances and one car entry. The urban centre of this location is by all means Petrské náměstí (square). This is why the entrance to the higher parts and the non-residential areas is located to the square. On the contrary, the entrance to the gym is connected to the school building as close as possible (connecting neck). Because it is assumed the hall will be used also for after- school activities, the connecting neck provides access also from Barvířská street - through the courtyard between the new building and the school. Cars may enter the underground parking lift from the south from Petrské náměstí (square).


The overall design concept was based on the box-of-bricks principle consisting of spatial units. The position of the vertical staircase dictated by the hall's presence defines the layout type featuring an open horizontal corridor. There are sandwiched 'volumes' between the layers of floor slabs, by their size corresponding with apartment units. There where the mass volume must be made less dense conforming it to the neighbouring buildings, where more natural light and air must be let in, where an untraditional open space must be created allowing contact between people, the bricks are left out. As the flats on the top level are maisonettes, the body of the unit expands two storeys up crowning the whole composition.

The flats are mostly of minimum size allowing lateral ventilation; due to their orientation to the south and generous glazing the flats enjoy plenty of natural light and sun.

The ground-floor translucent glass fa$ade is the same for both the recessed gym and the rest of the streetscape. The design is based on cheap materials with precise workmanship of details: the sandwich envelope covered by glass fibre concrete panels, galvanised steel, moulded glass blocks, timber window frames.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT

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