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Svobody street - Pedestrian precinct

town square

Cheb Connecting line between medieval square and station broke through fortifi cation and demarcated course of developement. So is it symbolic connecting line of eras. Study is concerning the essential part - it is compact corridor determinated facades with longitudinal mouldings, which support linearity. Single sections have strict and clear form. Cause of our decision was analogy with trauma of expulsion of natives of the town Cheb. It is diffi cult continue in broken tradition and not see split in the life of this town. Trough part pass only one line, which is the most subtle and the most essential element od composition. We named it demogramm. Copper tables with names of dwellers of Cheb was not finnaly installed because our antagonists celebrated their victory. Then forces through the idea of datas from history of Cheb. So emerged historiogramm.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT

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