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Study and Research Library, Hradec Králové


The building is a structure with a ground plan in the shape of the letter X. The cladding of the building, cast concrete, serves to enhance the dynamism and clarity of the shape (a cast letter) through its character. The cladding is perforated with round windows, chosen for their ability to create both an intimate and concentrated inner environment. The windows are situated at two spandrel height levels. They are placed in irregular fashion in accordance with the inner space (code) as part of the framework of the overall arrangement. The major glazing at the ends of the wings on Hradecká street serve to light up and bring to an end the main library spaces. The study room on the top fl oor is lit up by circular skylights. The windows on the wings with storage areas are minimal in terms of quantity. The building structure is situated on a a paved, threshing fl oor surface which connects up with the surrounding areas (the pavements, driveways) and with the green surfaces on the roof of the garage.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT­­

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