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Residential Containers, Prague 7-Letná


The lookum consists of „ containersinserted into the roof in a way that does not affect the readability of the original shape of the building. The containersspace boxes – contain dwelling rooms, restrooms and technical facilities. There are bedrooms and cloakrooms placed in the rest of the original attic space. It is possible to close the inserted boxes using the folding walls in the interior and create compact volumes this way. Large openings – „the eyes“ have been cut into the walls that let one look outside, but can as well remain shut. All structures have been built using common building technologies and materials (timber, glass, metal, plasterboard). To emphasize the diference, the original roof structure has been kept rough and no surface treatment has been done. On the contrary, the newly inserted components are clad in titanzinc sheets or painted in color.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT­­

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