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Renovation of a villa in Braník, Prague 4


The original villa is the work of an architect named Prager from the 1970s. It was not only an exceptional building but a unique place. The villa was originally designed for the architect's family. As the family changed, the villa changed too. When the family branched out, it was necessary to expand the building. This task was acquitted interestingly by the second architect in the family - Jan Louda (Prager's son-in-law). He installed a longitudinally cut half of an enamel cylinder (a former silage tower structure) on the original building and thus created two independent residential floors, each of them surrounded by its own terrace. A house on a house. In 2007, the villa has changed hands. The new owner renovated the house between 2008 and 2010. The family of the current owner inhabits the two-generation villa where 3 families originally lived. Semi-cylindrical enamel plates, which create the house extension, were replaced with new plates of the same colour. The original ceramic tiling of the residential block was replaced with a ventilated facade made of accurate large-size panels SWISSPEARL system SIGMA 8 panels in red. The interior layout plan was adapted according to the requirements of the new owner.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT

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