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Renovation of a Family Villa, Prague 6


The villa was designed by the architect Ladislav Žák as a two–family house with separate entrances into two vertically designed flats with mutually connected layouts. The renovation work was focused on the rehabilitation of the construction state as well as surface repairs. It also consisted of renewal and improvements to the architectural, operational and technical standard. We carried out the reconstruction work with a view to and respect for the architectural importance of the building. It essentially consisted of the renovation of the original appearance including the creation of remodels of the original elements and products. Unavoidable minor construction adaptations, due to current, mandatory operational and technical requirements, were kept to a minimum. Additionally, the design of the garden adhered to the original, assumed character in the spirit of the principles observed by Ladislav Žák. The house was built over the years 1937 – 38 by Jiří Palička for the family of the prominent city manager Karel Babka and his daughter, Lída Babková-Baarová.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT­­

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