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Reconstruction of the Grobe Pavilion, Havlíčkovy sady, Praha 2

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The authentic historic building was reconstructed including significantly damaged art-and-crafts elements. Certain elements preserved only in drawings and sketches - skittle alley, wooden wall lining and entrance portals returned to their original positions. The newly built complementary part of a café is covered by a fully glazed envelope along its entire parameter. The visible structural system combines wood, steel and glass. In relation to historical half-timbered walls, the building tectonics is emphasized by contours of columns in the facade and steel tie rod bracing. An expressive roof landscape of the Schulz's pavilion is complemented with bracketed pergolas with wooden fins overhanging the roof of the newly built part of the original building. The termination of the west wing is responded in a mirror-like manner by the roof overlap and creation of covered terrace. The building is connected to the existing historical pavilion by means of a glazed "neck" with a ramp.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT

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