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Reconstruction of a flat in Prague


Prague 1, Staré Město

The perception of space and its conceptual solution the essential architectonic element of which is the system of suspended structures are documented by recent, radical reconstruction of flat unit located in the functionalistic object of the beginning of the 30's the author of which is arch. Ottaviano Maria Razetto. The composition solution follows two different themes. The first one is not only physical, but also emotional “feeling” of those premises, while the other one lays stress on the lightness and fluency of spatial lines. An example of the first one of both themes is the line that cuts the floor and creates the guiding rail determining the direction. In this way in the floor a certain form of a map is spread as three-dimensional conception of architectonic forms. The second one of both themes represents a set of suspended structures, lowered ceilings, walls and tables that were designed so that they might give the feeling of certain relieve, fluency in interspace.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT­­

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