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Reconstruction and Completion of Family House in Spomyšl


The purpose of the whole undertaking was the extension of the today unsuitable already volume of the family house by residential and service functions serving for the fulfilment of the needs of the investor – user and owner of the existing object. The reconstruction set as its task to repair the old house in a sensitive and considerate manner and integrate the functions that it cannot comprise by its character into the completing object of the courtyard addition that winds through the garden and articulates it further into the individual parts used for different purposes. The old house is located in front of the land at the street and by its two floors mass remains its dominant. The functions concentrated in it express the value of the old house in relation to the addition. Finding its place then on the ground floor of the object are the entrance hall, the room of the grandfather and the room of the guest, the whole attic is made use as the apartment of the landlord, completed by his study. In the spirit of courtyard additions usual at the place the addition is drawn up as ground floor object. By its shape the ground plan of the addition divides the elongated land into two main parts.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT­­

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