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Reconstruction and completion of construction of the former depot


Prague 7 - Stromovka

The reconstructed object was a part of the area of tram stop with shed and depot in Stromovka. The construction was completed in 1899 and in 1910 the building of the dispatch shed with the flat of the head locksmith was rebuilt. Since that time its form practically has not changed. With regard to the absence of social background for the visitors of the park the Municipal Authority of the Capital of Prague decided to reconstruct the original object protected as monument and build an additional building to it in the reduced track of the non-existing already tram depot. The steel structure of the new building is fitted on stone cantilevers of historic building and is visible inside. The jacket of the new building is accomplished as mounted sandwich. The outside surface is the combination of waterproof plywood and grey fibre-cement boards. The roof jacket is of partially weathered titanium-zinc. At the northern side of the residential space there is covered arbour with movable sun-blinds with wooden lamellate filling that have not only the shading function, but they also secure and protect the object at the time outside operation.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT­­

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