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Reconstruction and addition of the area of the company AF BKK s.r.o.


Prague, The area goes through gradual complex renovation. In 2006 complete reconstruction was completed of the neighbouring smaller object and the whole area is being repaired continuously, during operation and according to the needs of the printing office (owner of the area). This project deals with the reconstruction of the largest four-storey object of the area that forms its eastern border. The repaired object will serve for the extension of the operation of the printing office AF BKK s.r.o. and possible remaining areas can be leased as offices, workplaces of services or workplaces of minor manufacturing plants. An addition on the object is designed – representative two-storey studio serving for the needs of the owner of the printing office (the northern half) and a terrace with occasional sports ground (the southern half). The objective of restructuring is to create an area that will concentrate, in the existing building structure of former industrial buildings.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT­­

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