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Quik Build Ecosystem (QBE)

Quik Build Ecosystem, ecology

‘Quik Build  Ecosystem (QBE) by Adam Kalkin creates an inexpensive, quick and sustainable architectural system for millions of inadequately housed people around the world. The Quik Build Ecosystem addresses a broad swath of life concerns for underserved populations by integrating economic, agricultural, energy, health and social issues into an architectural whole.

The basic building block of the QBE is the recycled shipping container. Containers are icons in the language of global exchange, rugged generic chests for precious cargo. Recycling surplus industrial materials such as containers consumes neither energy nor natural resources. By stacking and arranging the containers in vernacular geometries, one forms solids and voids, streets and courtyards, public and private spaces; villages inspired by indigenous culture.

By integrating bio-intensive agriculture and even animal husbandry into the village architecture, one creates sustainable food sources and economic independence for the inhabitants. By creating a central street, one makes a souk for small business, crafts and trade.  By drawing water from the ground through solar powered pumps, one irrigates the crops and nourishes richly planted courtyards. By capturing heat from bread ovens, one warms the school, infirmary and place of worship. By extracting methane gas from animal and vegetable waste, one heats the living spaces and fuels the cooking stoves. With a small wind turbine, one generates energy for food, refrigeration and lighting. By using a combination of high tech thermal coatings, earthen insulation and natural shade, one humanizes the sometimes harsh climate. Each part of the ecosystem relates to each other and the whole.

This project aims to create autonomous and self-sustaining villages where people can live with a sense of dignity and self-reliance. We hope the QBE will provide a generic model from which many villages can be created and intelligently adapted to local culture. Networks of QBEs can be connected through trade and internet linked mobile healthcare services. Millions of people live for years in makeshift temporary shelters; this project provides humane and dignified living conditions for the long term.’

The Quik Build Ecosystem Team is lead by Adam Kalkin (architectural systems), John Todd (energy systems), John Doran (food systems), Anne Adriance (corporate and cultural affairs) and Robert Kushen (government and aid liason).

Published with permission of ArchiCentral.

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