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Prefab Homes by Jeriko House LLC


With figures for sales of existing homes declining for the sixth straight month and prices continuing to drop, so called ‘bubbles’ are bursting across the nation. Home buyers are finally in a position to shop for their dream house. With their new found power, these home buyers are taking their time and evaluating a wider range of options than they have had in years. Combine this with eager to please developers erecting more innovative and appealing new homes and you’ve got a situation primed for true advances in the housing market.

One of the most dramatic new entrants to the market is Jeriko House, a unique combination of top-flight construction and high-end design made possible by cutting edge technology and innovative engineering. The heart behind Jeriko House is Shawn Burst, a successful Louisiana businessman who’s vision for a better way to build and a better way to live created and guides Jeriko House. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the focus on new concept in housing has never been greater.

Mr. Burst expects a tremendous response from not only buyers, but also market watcher in the real estate and construction sectors. “I’ve found that keeping your eye on what’s possible is the key to finding solutions and making them available when their needed most. Home buyers know all too well what’s been out there for them to choose from for the past fifty years. The Jeriko House is the advance notice of a revolutionary approach that will set the pace for residential design for the next fifty years to come” he says.

Using advanced aerospace aluminum, stainless steel, and a patented interlocking system that maximizes modern engineering and construction methods, the Jeriko House combines super-strong materials and rigid construction methods with unparalleled design flexibility. Construction is completed in a matter of weeks, rather than the months it takes to build a traditional “stick built” house. But make no mistake – this is not the prefab house of past attempts that you may be familiar with. Due to the international design and engineering team, Jeriko House out looks, out feels, and out performs any home here to for, prefab or otherwise.

Burst feels that home buyers are taking their time in the current market because they are tired of repeatedly seeing the same house. “The Jeriko House will reach out to those who want this most important purchase of their lives to be the home they’ve dreamed of living in. The Jeriko house doesn’t look like any house you’ve ever seen. It isn’t build like any house you’ve ever seen. And it doesn’t feel like any house you’ve ever been in.” he says that, in a sense, the Jeriko House is “created” rather than built. “The Jeriko House is a home that will engage you, in ways far surpassing the experience of those who simply own their houses.”

Burst’s company is preparing for the launch of the Jeriko House within the next few months. It promises to be somewhat revolutionary in design, function, and perhaps most importantly, accessibility. It would seem that home buyers will soon get the superior product they have been asking for.

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