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POS ShowroomArchitect new studio


POS ShowroomArchitect and designer Elena Tsoka designed the new studio that looks like a showroom for POS, Private Outlet Studio, in Maroussi, Greece.

Here is the project description:

The whole concept was to create a “shell for the studio” that looks more to an exclusive private showroom than to the usual outlet stores.

We practically accepted the unusual shapes we found at the premises and played around them using osb wood, black and white surfaces, palettes and the lights. In this way, we created a neutral but interesting “display box” to invite all the colors from the clothes to “shout its presence”. We also re-invented a scheme to place our final atmosphere which ended as “Scandinavian – Industrial – Vintage -Chic”!

All the elements were designed exclusively for the particular studio and have the function to change easily in terms of height – length etc.

Published with permission of CoolBoom

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