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Parametric Structure No. 2, Uherské Hradiště


The object is a part of the solved interior of a family house in the villa quarter in Uherské Hradiště. The whole interior is tuned monochromatically to the shade of white and grey colours. The space of location of the construction is only 95cm wide and 5m high. The designed construction makes use of the considerable height of that connecting corridor and by two "offsprings" runs against the staircase. The object moves at the border of architecture, design and art. The organic shape is designed, due to the reasons of possibilities of implementation, together with financial demands, of individual linear elements of light komatex plates. The resulting curves are formed by those elements and so create a freely shaped area. On the change of perspective of the viewer the density changes - porosity of the construction. Used for the design was the software tool developed by us "Wooden Waves" that we used also in the implementation of Cafébar in Staré Město u Uh. Hradiště. It was created as an element of GDL - Geometric Description Language that is a part of ArchiCAD software. The basis of the tool is the active data base of all elements that are used in the structure. Each part has its unique marking under which all information is hidden. By individual changes of parameters that database is immediately updated. On the basis of drawings and lists it is determined exactly where the particular part is located in the structure and what it links to. Without those data the assembly would be practically impossible.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT

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