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Own house, Letohrad


The structure is situated in the open countryside on the edge of the town. The concept of the house is inspired by traditional village buildings. The rectangular ground plan is situated in a horizontal fashion. The house makes use of views of the surrounding nature. We were interested in acquiring a well lit-up interior along with a sense of safety on the adjoining area. We consequently chose large windows with a parapet and balcony doors without glazing. The main motif of the lay-out arrangement consisted of common dwelling in 'a sitting room' with an adjoining small room. A barn is an essential aspect of country dwelling. We were once again inspired here by traditional architecture connecting it to the house as an extra part. Due to working with limited financial means we consequently made use of extremely simple materials. The boarded floor and wooden ceiling along with all of the construction elements are from our own forest. The façade is from natural larch. In terms of technical requirements one main aspect, adequate heat, was emphasised (by my wife). For this reason we chose the construction system Two by Four, that is a frame sandwich construction, supplemented by mineral wool. Despite the house standing at an altitude of 520 metres above-sea-level, the thermal loss is only around 5 kW. The house is heated with hot-air with recuperation. The source of heat is electricity in combination with wood fire-places.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT­­

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