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New state of the Radio Free Europe


Praha 3-Hagibor

The new broadcast center accommodates RFE/RL’s 500 Prague-based employees and is located in Hagibor, ten minutes from Prague city center. The five-story, 6,683 square meters building features the latest broadcast infrastructure and multimedia technology and adheres to the highest standards in energy-efficiency and security. Many of the architectural features, including an instantly recognisable Teflon fabric structure arching over the main entrance, have dual functions. “The facades of the building are expensive for security reasons,” says Vincent Marani AIA, architect of the project, “We had to strike a balance between glass façade and concrete superstructure, but one which allowed enough day light for the offices in an aesthetic manner. We did this through intelligent placement of the studios within the building and through covering the interior atrium with a steel and glass roof. This facilitated more than enough natural daylight into the newsroom floor, allowing for a pleasing and light workspace.”

source: magazine ARCHITEKT­­

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