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New City Center, Bratislava, Čulenova

The scheme is based on a dynamic field strategy which organizes the new city centre program along a gradient of circular and elliptical patterns. A fluid field emerges from the underlying matrix in a series of larger tower extrusions towards the sites perimeter and intermediate scale pavilion-like structures surrounding the cultural plaza next to the existing power plant.

In order to activate the ground throughout the whole site and provide quality public space, the double storeys underground car park is covered by a one storey high modulated slab, which is perforated at strategic points for day lit patio spaces in order to accommodate retail and public landscape with various points of interest such as the cultural centre with its museum shop and further public attractors (e. g. conference space and event halls). Towards the site's perimeter the slab is slightly lifted up at specific points in order to define the site's edge and accommodate pro- grammatic points of interest, access points to the parking level and access to office and housing related program while at other strategically chosen areas it merges with the surrounding city level to create a highly blurred site boundary condition that links the new urban parks and plazas with the surrounding city fabric.

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