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New Building of the Czech Technical University, Dejvice, Prague


The new building of the Czech Technical University is located on the last free plot of the university campus, which was designed in Antonín Engel's settlement plan in 1924. The objective was to build a sensible, rather lean, simple and maybe ordinary building to lead students to modesty. The new building faces the new access axis of the Czech Technical University campus's premises. Its open yard, demarcated only by two facades and a column faces the access direction. The building's programme is concentrated around this access area in a V shape. The new building is conceived as an eight-storey building, which has solid shape and a relatively heavy envelope. The building is enclosed by a brick wall and only the entrance part shows the concrete structure of the building. The building is pierced by three covered atria. Mass lecture halls jut from the building mass in the north-east direction as coloured, metal-lined abutted volumes. From the point of view of operational costs, the whole building is designed as highly energy-saving. 

source: magazine ARCHITEKT

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