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Main Point, Karlín, Prague


 The aim was to find a shape and structure of a new development, which shall gain from the given plot of ground as much as possible but shall not lose any of its qualities while strictly complying with all relevant regulations and restrictions. The designed building, having organic shapes, meets all these requirements. It is not necessary to solve differences in required widths of streets, passage through the territory, access to the petrol station - the rounded facades flow around all these obstacles in an elegant curve. It is as if there are no limits and the building was erected on the contours of long-extinct Vltava islands. This wedge inserted between the chiselled, monumental construction of Danube House and the fragmented old Karlín development does not contradict either of these parties. Gentle curves open to pedestrians crossing the pedestrian bridge and offer the calm space of a wide indoor mall directly under the centre of the building.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT­­

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