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Line bridge over Svratka river in Brno


Svratka with its low level gives no feeling of a real waterfront here. But the high quality of this river part is determined by its still green banks. The natural modelling of the river bed over its necessary regulation automatically becomes a part of the whole territory. The line bridge fully utilises the configuration of its stream channel cross section. Its vertical alignment rapidly overruns from one bank to another. The line bridge is slightly lifted of with its arch, leaned on stone walls of the river regulation. Touch of its liberal span over the river is determined by several curve lines (including its hand-railing). This touch is generating a tension between the bridge’s firmness and its lightness, between its brave concept and its mechanical details. To find the equilibrium limit between rigid structural analysis and shape modelling was the basic principle of the bridge creation. In a longer perspective, the line bridge will call attention to its light wave. But in close-up, it is seen than its brave project deeply respects the river. This shows no more tension but rather an attempt to reach harmony.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT­­

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