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Ladronka leisure park

leisure park

Ladronka leisure park with its social and refreshment centre in a former farmstead Ladronka is located in Prague 6, Břevnov, between Vypich and Strahov. A new 5km long cycling and in-line circuit in the park spreads on a high Břevnov plain and offers excellent views over south and south east of Prague . A new underpass connects the circuit with the new shopping centre KC Vypich where some 300 additional parking places are located.

The underpass itself is built as a part of the pedestrian/in-line/cycling circuit and is designed as a fairfaced concrete shell with an oval crosssection. The softness of the profile is underlined with the lighting koncept based on two rows of uplights along its edges washing the walls and the ceiling curve.

A rock cliff formation in the park near the farmstead is used for Lookout Point offering views toward the farmstead and a beach games fields. It is designed as a steel frame "levitating/hovering" over the cliff. It is cantlevered betone the cliff edge and is supported by two diagonal steel rods rising from the top of a concrete pile burrowed in the cliff rock.

The cliff formation eventually becomes a grass slope in front of the farmstead shaped in a soft curve. This topography was used for location of several tiers of seating , designed as combination of stone filled cage made of metal rods and exotic wood planks. Beach wolleyball and soccer fields are located at the base of the slope .

Access paths are designed as low , exotic planks covered jettys. Tiers of seating are accessed by light metal stairs.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT

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