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Karlov Hotel in Benešov near Prague


The Karlov Hotel is located in the Benešov city centre in the edge of its listed territory. The reconstruction of three original small houses and the additional construction of three new objects, which would serve as a hotel and independent restaurants with wine-callers, were realized with respect to their surrounding area and activated it. Thanks to the fine material structure of Karlov Hotel, that created its markedly articulated outline, the Benešov city centre obtained a new dominating element, which corresponded to its context. Used disposition plans and materials were deliberately kindly and softly shaped with respect to surrounding random house-building. The specific element of the hotel construction was the use of materials with natural surface finishing, with no coat and painting. May be, it is why new parts naturally penetrated the old ones. „We strive to do understandable, friendly, and easy absorbable architecture. We all are interested in the finding of human dimensions in modern architecture. It is our main priority and we are subordinated to it.“

source: magazine ARCHITEKT­­

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