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Joshua Tree Prefab Home


The Joshua Tree Prefab Home was quite a success at Milan’s Zona Tortona exhibit earlier this year. No surprise- this steel clad prefab is a compact two bedroom “mountain refuge” with a welcoming, and surprisingly roomy, wooden interior. The interior of the clean lined Joshua Tree House by Italian Hangar Design offers modern spaces with plenty of natural daylight…

The overall space of this small prefab is just 36 square meters, or about 400 sq ft. The interior configuration can be customized and the layout could accommodate two large bedrooms on the ends with a kitchen in the eaves, or trade one of the end spots for a larger kitchen area.

The manufacturer promotes the design as an efficient, easily transportable prefab home, with a small price and the capability to adapt to many different kinds of terrain:

‘For the toughest places in the mountains. Surrounded by the green vegetation of the high plains of the Alps or positioned on bare rock, with its metal cladding, this shelter reflects the colours of the surrounding environment. From inside, large windows show the outline of snow-capped peaks. Natural wood cladding on the outside reflects the warm appeal of its interior furnishings. It is a restyled mountain spot, a covering of continuous and homogenous metal and a mountain shelter with a living wood structure, suitable for hosting young families or friends.’

All in all, the space is minimal yet functional.

Published with permission of ArchiCentral.

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