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Jonaš Barn, Bílka

Inserting a family home into a traditional czech barn.

In this project, a traditional 19th century barn is converted into a family home by adding a timber structure on the inside. The old stone building becomes a rain cover and a new internal timber structure serves as wind proof insulation.A non-heated space forms in between old and new and extends the residential spaces. This space which encapsulates the entire structure - except the south facade - acts as a second coat which lowers the energy consumption of the building as well as enhancing its high temperature regulation in the summer.

In its formal appearance the timber building is also an immediate result of its concept. Special areas like the staircase are volumes extruded from an archetypically shaped house.

The new timber elements took over the structural function from the old framework which was removed after a brief period in which both structures existed side-by-side. Removed parts were returned to the building as steps in the staircase.Grand frameless openings are blurring the borders of the timber building and connect the Inside, the Outside and the In-between. Two large barn doors -north and south - form an organic connection with the surrounding nature. The result is a house of changing views and perspectives: in, out and through.

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