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J & T Bank Café, Trinity Building, Brno

J & T Bank
The unique concept of a bank café - connecting the world of finance with the environment of an elegant architecturally modern cafe in the Trinity multifunctional building, which builds on the best what strong Functionalism in Brno offers. The intention arose from collaboration of the architect with the J&T Bank management. The design is based on the assembled stone center - the mountains and the starry sky above the shining stone core. The design focuses on the artistic arrangement of the space based on a stone crystal in the centre. It includes the symbolic clarification of what is valuable, unique, what is not subject to destruction caused by a rapidly changing fashion or a caprice of nature, and what is changing through the ability and will of a man. Colourful horizons and images induce a stylized depth. The colors on the ground floor lead the design away from the artistic starting points of one of the branches of the Functionalist legacy, which had been developing particularly in Brno (Era Cafe, Savoy Cafe, etc.) and where the new colour accents appeared based on the new discoveries of the effect of colours in a space.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT­­

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