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It’s tightening up around Prague


If there is a region where people cannot complain about a lack of aquaparks then it is the surrounding of Prague, particularly the area west of the metropolis. The water paradises are offered by Beroun, Kladno, Kolín, Příbram and Slaný and there is the new aquapark in Barrandov, Prague 5.

In the last few years there were five indoor aquaparks that opened in the centre of the Czech Republic The newest one is the centre in Beroun which welcomed its first visitors in April this year. Prague itself has only one aquapark in Letňany compared with the Barrandov aqua paradise which opened at the end of last year. The situation in the other central Czech towns is not particularly rosy at this moment, but another one is being prepared in Mladá Boleslav and next year thegates of the largest aquapark in Europe are to be opened in the Čestlice business zone near the southern border of Prague.


The aquapark in Barrandov is the third youngest park among the Prague and central Czech parks and straight after it opened achieved an award for the Swimming pool of the year 2006 within the category of public swimming pools within the scope of the same name nationwide competition. “The victory in the competition only proves that our investment in leisure time facilities is of good quality and makes sense The aquapark is visited by approximately ten thousand people,” said the mayor of Prague 5, Milan Jančík. The swimming premises between the streets of K Barrandovu and Wassermanova offer a number of slides and other water attractions. In the two storey object the visitors can find a twenty five metre long indoor swimmingpool with a varying depth of 1.2 to 1.6 metres with four swimming lanes and an area for relaxation and recreational activities. At the swimming pool level there is a wild canal, massage beds, the end of the toboggan runs and a children’s swimming pool with shallow waters in having a depth of twenty to forty centimeters.

The swimming pools are completed by two enclosed toboggan runs whose routes are placed mainly out of the object. The outdoor summer swimming pool was opened in August


The town swimming premises of Tipsport laguna in Beroun are offering a twenty five metre swimming pool, toboggans, sauna, fitness and other attractions. “I have ived in Beroun for fifty years and

am happy that people finally have somewhere to go for a good swim,” said the town mayor, Jiří Besser, praising the situation and that is counting on the fact that not only the locals but also the people of Prague will come to the swimming pool in future. A director of the Kladno sports premises, who is managing the Kladno aquapark, Lukáš Kubica, is concerned about this pulling over of the Prague visitors. “I can say it right out that the town of Beroun is competition for us and that there will be a fight for Prague visitors between the two of us. Well, 70 % of visitors come to us from Prague,” said Kubica At the present time the operation of the Kladno aquapark is profitable “At this moment the citizens of Prague see us as a suburb of the capital and worth going to for water games. When the big aquapark in Prague is built, then we and the town of Beroun will feel it,” thinks the director


The management of the multifunctional hall in Slaný, which also operates the local aquapark is not worried about the competition “We have our clientele which comes to us because the atmosphere here is family friendly and they like it here A number of visitors have naturally decreased after the opening of the Kladno aquapark but we are not counting on a large decrease at the moment,” says the company director, gor Dvořák. People from Prague and also South Bohemia head for the aquapark in Příbram. “People can get to us easily so the visitors from Prague, Strakonice or Milevsko are not the exception at our place,” explained the water centre manager, Jaroslav Mašek and at the same time admitted that bringing the new Beroun premises into operation had an influence on the attendance of the local aquapark where approximately 200 people a day come through


This year the newly opened Water World in Kolín is also enjoying a large attendance. A number of water sports and fun lovers have stabilized from the beginning of the year. 

Mainly the locals come during the week, the school children who are registered for swimming lessons also come from Kolín and its neighbouring villages. At the weekend people from the Benešov area, Nymburk area, Kostelec area and from Prague come to Water World. Non-resident’s make up approximately 30 % of the tota clientele

A new aquapark should be established within a few years at Mladá Boleslav. “The study will be completed in 14 days and then discussions with the town citizens will take place,” said the chief magistrate of Mladá Boleslav, Raduan Nwelati. In this year’s budget the town already has 20 million at their disposal, being for the reconstruction of the existing swimming pools, which is to be commenced in the autumn. There is a plan for an indoor aquapark, attractions and an entertainment centre for children


A new aquapark should be opened within the commercial zone of Průhonice-Čestlice at the beginning of next year. Part of the project is also the construction of a four star hotel which will come into operation in August 2008. The aquapark and the hotel will cost CZK 2.6 billion. The investor is the SPGroup. Director of the development division of this company, Radek Steinhaizl, said that he is expecting an ttendance of 1.1 million people per year. The aquapark is situated on an area larger than 16,000 sq m from which the water area covers more than 2,500 sq m. Part of the water aradise will be made by including indoor and outdoor saunas, fitness and wellness centre, restaurant and bars. An interesting part will be the relaxation room Sahara where there ill  be warm sand on the floor or an outdoor wild river Part of the premises will be formed by  swimming pool for diving or a coral pool with small sharks. The aquapark will be composed of three palaces joined by an artificial river The aquapark operator will be MF

Aquapark Prague - a joint venture of SPGroup and German GMF which has 18 aquaparks in Germany. Water World within the proposal of the SPGroup will be accompanied by two parking buildings with 660 places. The developer is not concerned about the investment return and estimates it to be some ten years. “Our sweep area, accessible in 90 minutes by car, covers 3.8 million people,” said the project manager of SPGroup, Otakar Šmíd.

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