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House for Family Recreation, Hrabětice


The house is built in the centre of recreation mountain village Hrabětice. The village is situated at the height of ca 750 m above sea level, it forms direct entrance to the Jizerské Mountains, linked up directly to the village is the skiing centre Severák. The building is situated in the IIIrd zone of protection of the nature and landscape CHKO Jizerské hory (the Protected Landscape Area the Jizerské Mountains). In the land originally there was the object built probably at the time of the 1st republic. The designed project is intended for recreation of the family and friends (in the far future permanent use is not excluded). On the ground floor of the main part of the house the flat unit for the owner is solved, in fact, on the first floor three separate accommodation rooms with own hygienic cells and common kitchenette. Designed in the attic is a large social area with bar and snooker providing panoramic view of the whole valley. Solved in the auxiliary object is the garage, space for bicycles and skis, sauna with accessories and shed for wood. The house was designed as compact, closed, rustical. The object does in a certain manner refer to the architecture of the original built-up are in the Jizerské Mountains, however, intentionally it is not the shape imitation of local chalets. It is intentionally solved as a different and unique one in its environment, despite the fact that it does not dominate the surroundings as to mass or size. The object is formed by two mutually perpendicular simple longitudinal masses with saddle roofs.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT

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