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Hotel Miura, Čeladná


The hotel lies on the flat plain surrounded by the rising Beskydy Mountains. In the vicinity of the building is a development of small buildings without a homogenous architectural style. In the design, we used the original morphology bringing new quality to this place. The newly designed hotel violates the local scale intentionally and acts as a new dominant of this territory. From the very the beginning, the building was compared to a spaceship arriving from another world. Paradoxically, this new element fits naturally into the landscape. In long-distance views, its dynamic mass follows the panoramas of the surrounding hills and its contrast appearance undoubtedly enriches the territory. The idea is further elaborated in the works of art (cuboids) and information graphics, which coexist with the building and land without a clear link. This world leaves room for each visitor's own imagination.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT­­

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