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Holešovické mlýny (Holešovice Mills)– Classic 7, Prague 7


Almost every architect dreams of measuring his or her strengths and skills with a project involving the reconstruction and revitalisation of such a fantastic industrial structure. Whether that architecture be planned or random, it at present symbolises the classic beauty and poetry of a by gone era of our history. The project for Holešovické mlýny or Classic 7 underwent various waves of construction strategies and fluctuations of the market, until finally being realised as a complex of offices. The loose layout, as well as the large, practical construction of the original mill buildings, was particularly suitable for modern office usage. The construction strategy further consisted of the originality and quality of a different type of office space, category A, for a user who would not have a fixed interest in a completely new complex of modern office buildings with extensive green landscaped areas. Stages I and II of the Classic 7 project arose almost exclusively from a plan for office spaces with shops, restaurants and cafés on the main floor. The final Stage III will include offices and luxury flats in an elegant narrow tower building with a view of the Vltava River.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT­­

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