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Granary renovation, Uherský Brod


One-hundred-fifty-years old walls have received new face, programme and life. Now, the granary's arrangement remains a temple. A temple of advertising. The entrance space with a reception area looks like a church vestibule. Exposed original bricks on the interior walls, as well as the foundation stone implanted in the wall, show the historic value of the building. The inscription on the stone refers to Count Albrecht Vincent Kaunitz, who had the granary built here in 1862. The nave, where the most important work is now happening, forms a photographic studio, which, together with the storerooms, has an area of roughly four hundred square meters. The ground plan of this three-storey building is 520 m2, the total build-up volume is 5300 square meters. It would be difficult to find similarly sized studio in the Czech Republic.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT

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