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Gallery Závodný, Mikulov

Gallery Závodný
The Gallery Závodný a private gallery. Its foundation was preceded by long-time collector's activity of the works of arts in investors family. The exhibition program includes solo exhibitions of Czech and foreign artists. At the forefront of interest stands geometric, minimalist and conceptual art and the creation of Czech artists who went into exile. The city of Mikulov is a remarkable example of naturally grown urban solid, which together with the unique scenery of the southern limestone Pavlov Hills formations creates one of the most picturesque images of South Moravia.

Building is situated in the place where the original buildings of the former Jewish quarter did not preserve. The site with a potential for gorgeous views at castle closes the area of today's square at the corner of Husova and Brněnská streets. Amazing place, inspiring environment and decent program of the building - this was a criteria, which led to the creation of structure with respect to proportions, volume division and scale of the original historic buildings that in the same time expresses the purpose of object itself with simple form and contemporary look.

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