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Family house, Zdiměřice


The building is located in a small village on the Prague west edge and defies on the first sight the common standard of the satellite development. The plot boundaries predetermined the building siting. The building seems to be enclosed towards the street and neighbouring plots and, on the contrary, it is open towards the east side, where a brook bordered with grown oaks flows, and lets nature to enter its interior. The client included its ideas - minimalistic concept, association with nature, use of natural materials, barrier-free house, functionality, perfect design - in the client's briefs. From offered designs of several architects, the client was mostly addressed with the analytic concept of the studio D3A.

The core of the whole house is a central living space which perimeter is bordered on three sides with separate rooms, which are hidden behind sliding wooden doors. A single fireplace body, which is also used as a load bearing element, dominates the space. A central winter garden is an interesting dividing element. The face side of the living space is glazed in a wave shape. The sliding with screens function as louvers. It is the concrete monolith structure which majority of surfaces made of fair-face concrete.

source: časopis ARCHITEKT

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