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Family house, Svinaře


The specification of that family house was not fully standard. The investor and his family wished to utilize neighbouring property for the construction of a house convenient for a small family or a studio or a summerhouse for guests or a folly house with view to garden. Whereas the building was localized in outskirts of Svinaře, its northern and eastern frontlets pointing to a near road were projected as a paraphrase of an inconspicuous “rural wall” made using gabions, with the exception of a narrow horizontal window. On the contrary, its opposite side was fully glazed and opened to the garden. Simple oblong form of approximate 100 sq. m dwelling space is optically elongated with a roofed-over parking space in western side. This one-storey house was slightly immersed into terrain in eastern side, which created, with respect to the house length, its delectable oblong form. The architectural design of the house interior was projected as an open space, dividable by hung folding partitions. A small bath-room with a glazed wall to garden is one of dividing elements of the main space. The whole south frontlet represented a single big window with a beautiful view to the garden.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT­­

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