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Factory No. 8, Humpolec

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During the building repair, the layout plan has been opened maximally emphasizing the interior flexibility. Windows leading to Kamarytova St. were broken through and new shop windows and an entrance were made. The unifying colour of the exterior is black with gold complements on windows and „black" metal, which will continuously corrode to reach certain patina. The fundamental intention was to emphasize a preserved chimney. The interior walls were repaired by „common" concrete blocks complemented with „black" metal sheets which were used for flanging new and existing openings. Today, the building is divided horizontally, by floors, according to different functional programs. It also includes a small café with a gallery. The 2nd floor can be used for offices or light production and the attic is ready either for offices or loft housing. A scheme introducing a vision with possible superstructures and functional densification of the whole inner block has been created for the whole premises.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT

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