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Exchanger Station, Varnsdorf


The object served originally as the exchanger station of heat management of the town Varnsdorf. The proposed building adjustments of the object lead to the creation of new commercial spacesshops. The design of the architectonic form is selected taking account of the form of surrounding build-up and to the town-planning solution of the existing housing estate. The cubic mass of the ground floor object is stressed by the perpendicular to it mass of the towerish, elevated character. At the one hand, it stresses the object itself, but in parallel corresponds with the surrounding tabular masses of apartment houses. The combination of glazed areas and areas lined with cembonit and wood-chop boards creates composition art blending, but also separation of materials. In parallel, supported in the solution is the truth of the function and telling ability about the purpose of the individual parts of the object. The glazed parts from the parterre enable the inevitable and necessary business contact. Full parts, in turn, hide the function that need not and is not to be opened for the view. As to material, it is a combination of facade and window system with glazed parts and facade system lined with cembonit and wood-chop OSB boards of different structure and colour shades.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT­­

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