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Design Center Exit 112, Red Cross - Jihlava


The interior design centre and showroom are located in the industrial zone. The appearance and location of the building are based on the terrain morphology. An annexed building with a simple volume that is cut through with a large shop window, into which the green entrance tube leads, is located close to the main road. The annexed building is designed as a showroom for several cooperating companies. The two-storey space with one floor partially sunk into the ground is connected by a staircase and works as an exhibition, sales, presentation and multifunctional space. A part of this space is a café. From the very beginning, the building was designed with the intention of merging with the existing building and with regard to the industrial detail, simplicity and combination of suitable materials. It is a combined reinforced concrete/steel skeleton cladded by sandwich-type panels. Windows and doors are glazed and have aluminium frames. Internal reinforced concrete structures are visible; the floor is covered with industrial screed.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT­­

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